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Image and video

Image or video annotation typically involves human-powered work defined as the task of annotating an image or video with labels. What and how images or videos need to be annotated, depends on main model training reasons like classification, object detection, or semantic segmentation.

The best set of methods, classes, and attributes is defined by the customer and our engineer who is an expert in this field.

Bounding Boxes

Bounding boxes help algorithms to find what they're looking for in an image and associate the detected object with what they were initially trained for.

Semantic Segmentation

Segmentation annotation adds much more details to training imagery by separately labeling objects belonging to the same class.


We can classify images and objects within images based on taxonomy, including features of residential real estate, land, type of buildings, or, for example, aerial maps.

Specialists of image classification transform image data into detailed content information required by AI and ML models.

Polygon annotation

Polygon annotation provides more details into object annotation than rectangular bounding boxes and allows for better fit to its shape.

Keypoint annotation

For specific use cases, such as facial recognition or emotion detection, keypoint annotation will be the most suitable annotation technique.

Data validation

When data and models start working for you, you should control how they perform. At the moment, there is no better method than manual data validation and control.

As part of the cooperation, we can undertake this task and help you, to free your team from spending hours on the manual checks providing reliable ground truth data.


Annotation expert training – entry level training for specialists who we are teaching the foundations of how to become an expert data annotator.

High performance data annotation team – dedicated for managers, who we introduce in team structure, roles, responsibilities, performance indicators and reporting.

Domain expert – we share our knowledge how to seamlessly use CRISP-DM methodology in Data Science projects.

Online annotation learns online by video conference in zoom app. On the screen, the teacher tells the information to him and other participants in the conference

Why Outsourcing?

Why do you need outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a great way to help your business as it progresses through its various growth stages, especially when talking about projects, which need to be fed with large datasets, there is always manual work to be done, like data cleansing, annotation, or augmentation.

It's affordable

It’s more cost-effective to outsource the work than it is to build your own in-house team in a relatively short period of time or engage highly paid engineers in annotations.

Expertise provided

You need expertise in this field and we can provide specialists. Learn from us how to avoid failures and keep your AI/ML projects on track. 

Scale up and down

We are flexible, after you finish this heavily engaging stage of your project, we can easily scale down the annotation team to your current needs waiting for new challenges.

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Service quality

What sets us apart is our commitment to unparalleled service quality with high communication, performance, credibility standards. Operational excellence is our goal. We ensure that every interaction with our team is a seamless and satisfying experience.Team of seasoned experts goes above and beyond to deliver high quality solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Data security

We are committed to providing you with reliable and secure annotation services following safety good practices and procedures. Once your project is completed, we go the extra mile to ensure complete data confidentiality. We have a strict policy in place where we permanently delete all data related to the project, leaving no trace behind. Your privacy is our top priority.

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How we work

Our task is not to impose separate processes on our clients, but to fit as much as possible into the existing process, part of which is data preparation, annotation, and finally transfer them for implementation in the client’s environment.

We do have all the needed tools and knowledge to support our customers, and as part of the cooperation, we are happy to share our experiences and support our clients in implementing two basic frameworks that we use during the implementation of our projects: CRISP-DM and Data-Driven Scrum.

In general, the most important thing for us is to understand the client’s needs and determine the best strategy for data annotation, for this purpose our experts try to find answers to the following questions:

  • What does the business need?
  • What data do we have, and what do we need?
  • Is it needed to clean up data before annotation?
  • How do we organize the data for annotation?

Understanding data
Customer consultation
Data preparation
Project setup


Training for annotation team
Tasks assignment


Annotation of test data sample
Final adjustments
Annotation process set-up, Quality check


Delivery of data to the customer in iterations and customer feedback collection

With your growth

We are growing

Outsourcing is a great way to help your business as it progresses through its various growth stages, especially when talking about projects, which need to be fed with large datasets, there is always manual work to be done, like data cleansing, annotation, or augmentation.


Bounding boxes


Unique classes

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Data validation

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A data annotation guru with extensive knowledge gained from a variety of AI/ML projects, will assist with data labeling strategies and develop a detailed performance evaluation plan.

Project Manager

A master of ceremonies who will prepare the right team for you, take care of tasks and communication with your team on a daily basis. He won't leave you without answers to your questions and will help remove any obstacles to achieving your project goal.

data annotation for gnerative ai

Annotation Specialist

This is where the daily battle with the efficiency and quality of annotating your data takes place, these are the people who are trained by us and well prepared to deal with your data.


Two but crucial tasks for success - control of the labeled data and validation of the effectiveness of the models trained on the datasets prepared by our specialists. These people are as precise as sappers disarming bombs, they don't accept mistakes!

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