Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

What are the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence systems are becoming one of the most important elements in the development of a modern economy based on advanced technology. This technology allows accelerating transformations at different stages of business development. We meet more and more often with tools and devices using artificial intelligence often without even realising it.

What are image recognition systems?

The dynamic development of computer systems along with individual branches of the economy has highlighted a niche that has been filled for many years by IT tools. Image recognition by computers allows a new approach to many topics. We should realise that humans have no problem with analysing what they see (image). We can distinguish sizes, shapes, colours, objects, and inscriptions. We learn by memorising and storing images in memory.

Computer systems do not have the function of image analysis and thus do not distinguish between sizes, shapes, colours, objects, or inscriptions. They have the function of storing, preserving, and retrieving data. Advances in the development of computer systems allow more and more advanced computations by learning systems. This has given the perspective of development to analyse what is in the image.

How AI systems work?

Image recognition systems work based on algorithms that divide the image into individual elements. They then analyse elements such as colour, shape, etc. One of the most important aspects of developing image recognition algorithms is aggregating data and using it in subsequent iterations. Through this procedure, models can learn and achieve better performance. The processed data is subjected to evaluation, which becomes the starting point for the effectiveness of individual algorithms. Having historical data about what was in the analysed image – the model can with increasing probability find similar objects in other (unrelated) images. The basis for the algorithms is the input data, which forms the framework for the algorithm.  

Where are image recognition systems used?

Starting with cell phones (unlocking phones by face recognition, sorting collections of images by phrases). Car recognition through licence plates in parking lots or on highways – allows us to travel faster. An important industry is manufacturing which allows maintaining an appropriate level of quality when producing a large number of products – algorithms allow for detecting and marking production defects at an early stage. Thanks to that the production process is faster which influences lowering the costs of production. 

The future of image recognition.

One of the most popular directions of using image recognition for consumers seems to be in the automotive industry. Already today, car manufacturers own autonomous control functions for passenger vehicles. Mass transportation projects (trucks and public transportation) are coming up right behind them. Just behind the dynamic development of this area is the human who has not kept up with the adaptation of regulations to technological possibilities.