Keypoint annotation when boxes are not sufficient!

keypoint annotation skater

Computer vision algorithms are fed with visual data with additional layers of information typically provided by human annotators. This layer holds information on the content of the image like shapes or objects in the scene, as well as their position, type or attributes. There are several ways to provide such information for an AI model […]

Generative AI in computer vision

generative ai in computer vision, gpt

AI image generators Image generators are large neural networks created and trained to generate realistic images with desired features. These features can be given in a form of an input image and a specification of the image features that are to be created based on this information (e.g. change of the season in a given […]

Does computer vision support detection and firefighting?

computer vision fire department firefighting

Computer vision is a powerful tool for many business cases but also actively supports the work of public services. As in the case of our previous article on the use of this technology in the police service, it can prove very useful to the fire department. With this technology, safety can be significantly improved and […]

How artificial intelligence can assist police?

Artificial intelligence assist police

Is Asimov’s positronic brain already born/alive? Police units make extensive use of the possibilities offered by computer vision and other ML/AI algorithms, and its services are among the largest users of this modern technology. Almost in every area of activities related to ensuring security and prosecuting criminals, artificial intelligence techniques accelerate and improve the quality […]

How can computer vision move the world economy toward zero waste?

waste management system computer vision

Waste management is one of the biggest challenges of the urban world. The World Bank in its What a Waste 2.0 report expects the global waste generation to grow by 70 percent by 2050 Unless Urgent Action is Taken. What’s the waste with the waste? Mismanagement of waste has a significant destructive impact on the environment and […]

Areas of application of computer vision in agriculture (part 2)

computer vision in livestock farming

The technological breakthrough that comes with smart computer vision algorithms is also observed in modern livestock farming and agriculture.. Transformation in livestock farming Indeed, “Transformation in Livestock farming” was decided to be the main theme of the 2022 edition of the world’s leading trade fair for animal farming and livestock industry, EuroTier in Hannover. Exhibitors […]

Areas of application of computer vision in agriculture (part 1)

computer vision in agriculture

By leveraging computer vision technologies in crop planning, farmers and agricultural planners can make data-driven decisions, optimize resource usage, maximize productivity, and enhance sustainability in agriculture. Production planning Computer vision algorithms can analyze satellite imagery and terrain data to assess the suitability of land for different types of crops. By examining factors such as soil quality, topography, […]

Data quantity vs Data quality

data quality vs data quantity in computer vision projects

Data quantity refers to the amount of data that is available for analysis. In general, the more data that is available, the better the chances of identifying patterns and trends within the data. On the other hand, data quality refers to the accuracy, completeness, and relevance of the data being analyzed. High-quality data is essential […]

Areas of application of computer vision in retail stores

computer vision in retail stores, merchandising

It’s no secret that retail stores are very eager to apply new technologies, thanks to which they achieve their operational goals more efficiently. Not at all the latest idea is the use of computer vision in this industry, today we will tell you about two potential applications customer journey and merchandising, as part of our […]

How computer vision improves the quality control process

Computer Vision can be extremely helpful in quality control process

Fast and accurate Quality control is extremely important in the mass production process Computer vision in quality control of wood flooring production Wood-based industry produces billions of products annually. Computer Vision can be extremely helpful in detecting quality anomalies, as it enables the automation of quality control processes, providing faster, more accurate, and more consistent results […]