Mobile surveillance system powered by Computer Vision

mobile surveillance system

Mobile surveillance systems powered by computer vision! Welcome to today’s blog post where we unveil a pivotal project by Safety1st, showcasing their innovative mobile surveillance systems. Our role involved preparing datasets and implementing advanced computer vision models tailored to enhance security at construction sites. These systems, equipped with cutting-edge technology, promise to elevate safety protocols […]

How to launch a successful Computer Vision project

computer vision group of people planning project

Computer vision, a rapidly growing technology, continually discovers new applications across various industries. It offers automation, cost-saving, and the potential to enhance products and processes, making it a sought-after tool for many companies. However, implementing computer vision projects involves complexities, starting from algorithm development and hardware requirements to setup and maintenance. These challenges are pivotal […]

Keypoint annotation when boxes are not sufficient!

keypoint annotation skater

Computer vision algorithms are fed with visual data with additional layers of information typically provided by human annotators. This layer holds information on the content of the image like shapes or objects in the scene, as well as their position, type or attributes. There are several ways to provide such information for an AI model […]

Does computer vision support detection and firefighting?

computer vision fire department firefighting

Computer vision is a powerful tool for many business cases but also actively supports the work of public services. As in the case of our previous article on the use of this technology in the police service, it can prove very useful to the fire department. With this technology, safety can be significantly improved and […]

How artificial intelligence can assist police?

Artificial intelligence assist police

Is Asimov’s positronic brain already born/alive? Police units make extensive use of the possibilities offered by computer vision and other ML/AI algorithms, and its services are among the largest users of this modern technology. Almost in every area of activities related to ensuring security and prosecuting criminals, artificial intelligence techniques accelerate and improve the quality […]

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

What are the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Machine learning and artificial intelligence systems are becoming one of the most important elements in the development of a modern economy based on advanced technology. This technology allows accelerating transformations at different stages of business development. We meet more and more often with tools […]