How can computer vision move the world economy toward zero waste?

waste management system computer vision

Waste management is one of the biggest challenges of the urban world. The World Bank in its What a Waste 2.0 report expects the global waste generation to grow by 70 percent by 2050 Unless Urgent Action is Taken. What’s the waste with the waste? Mismanagement of waste has a significant destructive impact on the environment and […]

Computer vision for vehicle detection

computer vision in vehicle detection

Vehicle detection The ability to recognize vehicles and track their motion patterns opens a variety of applications. The most common include car counting or measuring time of vehicle  appearance in the area of interest. Vehicle detection allows not only for simple detection of an object in the given area, but also ensures a level of certainty that […]

Areas of application for computer vision algorithms (Part 2)

computer vision applications

Analyzing human traffic Modern surveillance systems powered by computer vision, consisting of cameras monitoring the areas of interest for 24h/7, both indoor as well as outdoor, are great sources of data. People moving within the monitored areas can be observed and recorded for many reasons, such as commercial analysis, research or statistics. As human inspection […]

Areas of application for computer vision algorithms (Part 1)

Computer vision in industrial operations

Computer vision in industrial operations Computer vision is a set of image processing techniques designed to understand the content of an image and enable automated system response. Combined with the rapid increase in available computing power, these algorithms are a powerful tool for automating industrial processes. So what can computer vision do for your company? Well, […]