Areas of application of computer vision in retail stores

computer vision in retail stores, merchandising

It’s no secret that retail stores are very eager to apply new technologies, thanks to which they achieve their operational goals more efficiently. Not at all the latest idea is the use of computer vision in this industry, today we will tell you about two potential applications customer journey and merchandising, as part of our […]

How computer vision improves the quality control process

Computer Vision can be extremely helpful in quality control process

Fast and accurate Quality control is extremely important in the mass production process Computer vision in quality control of wood flooring production Wood-based industry produces billions of products annually. Computer Vision¬†can be extremely helpful in detecting quality anomalies, as it enables the automation of quality control processes, providing faster, more accurate, and more consistent results […]

Event venues challenges, how to improve operational efficiency?

What are event venues challenges and how to gain improved operational efficiency

Benefits Sports arenas, stadiums, concert halls, theaters, conference venues. Challenge: at-home viewing experience of mass events like matches or concerts is in many ways better than live presence at the event venues: Affordable: first-row view is offered at no or low cost Time-saving: no traveling to the venue, no traffic and parking issues, no waiting […]

Computer vision for vehicle detection

computer vision in vehicle detection

Vehicle detection The ability to recognize vehicles and track their motion patterns opens a variety of applications. The most common include car counting or measuring time of vehicle  appearance in the area of interest. Vehicle detection allows not only for simple detection of an object in the given area, but also ensures a level of certainty that […]

Areas of application for computer vision algorithms (Part 2)

computer vision applications

Analyzing human traffic Modern surveillance systems powered by computer vision, consisting of cameras monitoring the areas of interest for 24h/7, both indoor as well as outdoor, are great sources of data. People moving within the monitored areas can be observed and recorded for many reasons, such as commercial analysis, research or statistics. As human inspection […]

Areas of application for computer vision algorithms (Part 1)

Computer vision in industrial operations

Computer vision in industrial operations Computer vision is a set of image processing techniques designed to understand the content of an image and enable automated system response. Combined with the rapid increase in available computing power, these algorithms are a powerful tool for automating industrial processes. So what can computer vision do for your company? Well, […]

Safety 1st – facemask detection case study

facemask detection

Project background Safety1st is a company that manufactures electronic devices designed to simplify the implementation of AI/ML technologies and enable interactions with the environment based on data processing results. Our customer product SmartColumn can significantly improve the safety of employees in the construction and manufacturing industries. The device, by verifying the personal protective equipment, can […]

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

What are the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Machine learning and artificial intelligence systems are becoming one of the most important elements in the development of a modern economy based on advanced technology. This technology allows accelerating transformations at different stages of business development. We meet more and more often with tools […]